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YellowDotMed is an innovative healthcare company specialized in radiology related services.

We offer a unique set of services that help healthcare providers increase their profits and achieve better clinical outcomes for their patients.

Our services include teleradiology, on-site radiology management, radiology second opinion, radiology project consultancy.

Most of our radiology consultants are with oncology background.
Cancer and tumor cases are double red by two oncology diagnostic radiologists using special protocols, then reports are double verfied from both of them before delivery to ensure proper conclusions and diagnosis.

With Our Teleradiology services, the healthcare provider can :
Increase productivity and efficiency of the dality workload.

Enable client’s radiologists to start their day fresh by avoiding morning overreads and backlogs.

Maintain staffing coverage 24/7/365.

Manage the workload and enhance your radiology team’s work/life balance.

Customize final interpretation reports to each client requirements.

Integrate our reports directly into client’s PACS system.