Rad-On is a key service that provides complete and inclusive management solutions to radiology departments in vital need for such a service. YellowDotMed offers a total management solutions by delivering the techs and medical personals, as well as managing all medical imaging reports. This will enable medical institutions to focus on what they do best: treat patients.

How does Rad-On help you?

Rad-On is ultimate tailored solution that provides numerable services that could be customized according to the need of each individual medical facility. Starting from medical management of a radiology department, up to providing the needed medical stuff to work on board; Rad-On works as a strategic partner for the medical facility, its aim is to raise the quality level and increase the work flow in the radiology department / clinic.

What does Rad-On offer you?

  1. Medical Director.
  2. Radiology Residents.
  3. Radiology Specialists.
  4. Radiology Technicians.
  5. Radiology Nurses.

Does Rad-On provides a management report for its clients?

Yes, a quarterly, half annually and annual management reports shall be provided by Rad-On to its clients. Our specialized managers’ role is not only limited to onsite management of the clinic, but also providing a monthly managements reports delivered to YellowDotMed medical advisory board, where it should revised and discussed with the managers to enhance their roles and duties; aiming for a detailed quarterly reports to be delivered for the facility management / owners enlightening them with all details related to the clinic management.

How this service can improve your firm?

Our role is to save your time and effort, eliminating all the burden carried on with the management of radiology departments’ operations and day to day activities upon our shoulders; giving you plenty of time to focus on your business and other responsibilities and return better outcome for your project, with more fruitful future.

What are the Benefits of Rad-On service?

Our managerial team and medical staff have extensive experience in providing professional a total management solution including managing all medical imaging reports. This in return will:

  1. Ensure patients’ safety and well being.
  2. Enhance the quality standards of imaging studies and medical reports.
  3. Delegate responsibilities effectively.
  4. Ensure the adequate maintenance for the different imaging machines.
  5. Analyze the administrative data and enhance the marketing campaign.
  6. Increase the workflow for the department / clinic.

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