TRad service provides highly efficient remote radiology reporting solution for institutions / hospitals and medical centers at reasonable prices, short turnaround time and by expert highly experienced subspecialized radiology consultants.

DIAGNOSE-ME, a unique service that provides second opinion radiology reports for individuals where the patients will be able to upload their medical images studies to our platform for a second opinion report; or for medical institutions whenever needed in case of challenging or debatable
radiology studies, or in case of medico-legal cases.
Rad-On is a key service that provides complete and inclusive management solutions to radiology departments in vital need for such a service. YellowDotMed offers a total management solutions by delivering the techs and medical personals, as well as managing all medical imaging reports. This will enable medical institutions to focus on what they do best: treat patients.
Rad-Sultation is a very important service that represents a core value for YellowDotMed; focused on providing our clients who are usually business investors with all the knowledge needed to great a radiology practice start-up.
Detailed project plans including finance, KPI and ROIs are created by the talented well experienced YellowDotMed team; to help the client foresee how his / her project will look like once operating and complete. Rad-Sultation can also provide its clients with the best prices for machinery they can get from the agents.


This is a service dedicated to service all radiology departments whether inside hospitals or as stand-alone clinic, to provide a complete minor non-vascular image guided interventions, starting from Fine Needle Aspirations, up to Drainage Catheter insertions. The service is provided by a well-trained team of interventional radiologists and nurses, having extended experience of in the field of interventional radiology.

It is a service provided directly to individuals in need of medical assessment through our platform operated by our expert medical doctors in different specialties. This service aims to make medical consultation affordable and accessible for everyone, especially patients in remote rural areas. The service is applied through our platform, via mobile application, it is also via texting, phone calls and video calls.
Since medical history is key to proper clinical management; we provide the option of saving our clients’ medical data on our servers for any required durations. This service is implemented by utilizing secured and safe saving methods. We can store imaging studies, laboratory results and other medical data for our patients for as long as they want. This guarantees an easy and accessible way to access records whenever and wherever needed.
This service offers a pathological interpretation through remote access providing physicians and patients with second opinion pathological consultations through our subspecialized highly qualified pathologists. This is a very important tool that can save a lot of valuable time and can thus enhance medical treatment.
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