What is DIAGNOSE-ME service?

Diagnose-me is a unique service that provides second opinion radiology reports whenever needed for radiology imaging studies done anywhere. Medical imaging reports are provided by highly specialized well experienced consultant radiologists. All reports are approved and certified by our medical advisory board.

Why getting a second opinion is important?

We believe that any adequate treatment always starts with proper diagnosis. Getting a second opinion from a specialized consultant brings you peace of mind, and helps you as well as your beloved ones get the optimum treatment needed.

What makes DIAGNOSE-ME highly needed?

The great shortage in highly qualified super specialized radiology consultants makes our service a very appealing tool for lot of patients as well as referring physicians, who are seeking highly detailed medical imaging reports that follow the international guidelines. This will help physicians offer better treatment and solutions for their patients.

What are the added values of DIAGNOSE-ME?

Providing a high quality detailed medical imaging reports by specialized experienced radiology consultants makes our reports different from other imaging reports available. Our medical imaging reports are double read reports, tailored to answer the physicians’ enquiries. Our reports are all certified and approved by our medical advisory board.

How can i benefit from DIAGNOSE-ME?

Decreasing risk for a wrong treatment and eliminating getting involved of needless, offensive, costly and even unsafe medical procedures. A second opinion can ensure the accuracy of your exam interpretation.   Secondary radiological interpretations are occasionally required by clinical or legal services in order to authorize or clarify a competent diagnosis or point of contention. According to an innovative study published by the Journal of the American College of Radiology secondary interpretations have the potential to alter patients’ management, and lower rates of repeat imaging examinations.


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