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We Profoundly Believe That Reliable and Accurate Diagnosis Is Key to Competent Clinical Management.
We Offer Accessible, Professional, Affordable and Consistent Online Diagnosis via a high quality teleradiology services backed-up by top notch radiologists and physicians.

We help hospitals and diagnostic radiology centres achieve an optimum return on investment "ROI" with a professional on-site management of clinical operation and personnel aided by a highly qualitied medical project planning consultant.

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Onco - Diagnostics Masters
Most of our radiology consultants are with oncology background.
Cancer and tumor cases are double red by two oncology diagnostic radiologists using special protocols, then reports are double verfied from both of them before delivery to ensure proper conclusions and diagnosis.

The Double reading mechanism is very important to achieve the needed quality assurance level

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Quality Matters
YellowDotMed Teleradiology service assure the best quality possible for radiology reporting, verified by our clients.
When we receive studies from hospitals to our servers, radiologists read and diagnose the case and write the needed reports using mulitple and well defind processes that follow the international guidelines to ensure the maximum level of confidence of diagnosis before delivery.

The Double reading mechanism is very important to achieve the needed quality assurance level.

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What Does YellowDotMed Offer you?
Increase productivity and efficiency of the dality workload.

Enable client's radiologists to start their day fresh by avoiding morning overreads and backlogs.

Maintain staffing coverage 24/7/365.

Manage the workload and enhance your radiology team’s work/life balance.

Customize final interpretation reports to each client requirements.

Integrate our reports directly into client's PACS system.

About YellowDotMed

YellowDotMed is an innovative healthcare company specialized in radiology related services.

We offer a unique set of services that help healthcare providers increase their profits and achieve better clinical outcomes for their patients.

Our services include teleradiology, on-site radiology management, radiology second opinion, radiology project consultancy.

Integrated Medical Services


Whether it is a hospital, a medical centre or a radiology department, Our services will help maximizing your patients’ satisfaction with accurate and timely diagnosis while optimizing your costs.

we provide

  • Teleradiology services (remote diagnosis and reporting)
  • Onsite radiology department management (radiology staff outsourcing and complete medical management of radiology depatements)
  • Radiology project consultancy services (selecting the best modality with the best price).


If you need accurate diagnosis which you can always rely on to make your medical or surgical decision? Our radiology consultants are here to help by providing …

  • TeleRadiology
  • Second opinion consultation services

We are here to give you the best and most accurate diagnosis for your radiology studies.


Second opinion has never been so easy, just login to your account, upload your radiology images and we will handle the rest.

Can’t do it? Just mail the CD to our office or have it delivered, and we will take care of everything else.

Our radiology consultants are here to help by providing an accurate detailed radiology report for your imaging studies anywhere anytime.

Our radiology reports are verified by the medical advisory board aiming to reach the best and most accurate diagnosis possible

Why YellowDotMed ?


  • Our main goal is to achieve full and comprehensive satisfaction of our clients and patients at all times.
  • We help healthcare providers increase their profits and helping patients to get the best possible healthcare quality of service.
  • We constantly operate utilizing efficient methodologies to guarantee their ultimate trust through optimizing work quality across all our services.


  • All YellowDotMed radiologists and physicians are highly qualified, sub-specialized and carefully selected.
  • All medical reports are reviewed by our competent medical advisory board before delivery.
  • Quality is our utmost priority and sustainability is one of our core values, this is why we operate a unified FDA(510K) software platform for our medical workflow.


  • All personal data are kept secure at all times as we believe that the privacy and security of our clients and patients data is a responsibility that we are all committed to adhere to.
  • All data is uploaded and stored on fully secured servers and are fully protected as we operate with FDA(510K) and HIPAA compliant software platform to handle all medical data, images and reports.

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