TRad service provides highly efficient remote radiology reporting solution.

Our main focus is Quality and Accuracy. All our medical imaging reports are written and verfied by highly qualified certified radiologists and  multiple reports specially the oncology related are double red by two radiologists to ensure quality and accurecy of diagnosis

To leverage quality of the provided reports ,  cases  are approved by our medical advisory board based on a special protocol and selection criteria.

We guarantee a fast turn around time, because we appreciate the time value of our clients and patients.

All our medical imaging reports are formulated according to the international standards of Radiology Imaging Reporting.

What Does TRad Offer you?  

TRad provides high quality diagnostic radiology reports, following the international guidelines.

Why TRad?


  • High quality medical imaging diagnostic reports.
  • Certified specialized radiology consultants.
  • Double reading team work reports.
  • Minimal turn around time.
  • Using FDA certified Software Solution.
  • Competitive pricing.

YellowDotMed Teleradiology Workflow

YellowDotMed Teleradiology Workflow

Unified Teleradiology Services

Multi Modality Special Techniques

  • CT Enterography.
  • CT Angiography.
  • CT Cardiac.
  • MRI CSF Flowmetry.
  • MRI Enterography.
  • Functional MRI Brain.
  • MRI Cardiac .
  • PET/CT.
  • Women Imaging
  • X-ray Imaging

Masters of Oncology Diagnostics

  • Our Radiologists are masters in oncology diagnostics as most of the them are with onco-radiology background .
  • Get the best accurate radiology reports for your oncology cases.
  • Get double verified reports from two radiologists at the same time .

Omni Role Teleradiology

  • Around the clock reporting
  • Double reading reporting
  • Minimal turnaround time for STAT cases
  • Day time teleradiology
  • Partial and full time coverage
  • Subspeciality reporting
  • Preliminary and final reporting
  • Second opinion consultation services

Who needs this service?

We believe our teleradiology service ‘TRad’ is a service that suits all radiology departments, whether inside institutes / hospitals or standalone radiology clinics.

We use the internet technology to reach the medical institutes in remote areas who lack the medical expertise. Our service set a simple, accurate and fast solution to help remote areas who need the medical help. We guarantee professional service for remote hospitals who experience great shortage in their radiology services.

Quality Matters

YellowDotMed Teleradiology service assure the best quality possible for radiology reporting, during the daily operation, many studies are transferred from hospitals to our servers, radiologists read images from different modalities, diagnose and write the needed reports.

The Double reading mechanism is very important to achieve the needed quality assurance level, thus, using peer review methodologies to assure quality of reporting in radiology and teleradiology operation is one of the major advantages to gain confidence and increase loyalty of sending hospitals and medical practices.

Fast Response / Minimum Turnaround Time

In Radiology : The term “STAT” implies urgency: act immediately.

Using at SMART workflow prioritization model can lead to a dramatic increase in the performance of radiologists and delivery of the reports based on the real priority .

at YellowDotMed , we care to achieve the maximum performance from our in-house radiologists and partners to be able to serve our valued clients at the highest quality possible.

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