What is MyDoctor?

It is an online clinical facility providing real-time two-way communication between the patients and the healthcare provider using electronic audio and visual means.

The actual role of telemedicine at present-day lies in the convenience it provides to the patients and doctors by avoiding the necessity for a physical visit to get medical advice or treatment. It is cost-effective, in comparison to the process of waiting to see a doctor or other specialist.

How MyDoctor is fully customizable for you?

We transform traditional physical clinic into electronic one, we archive the patient’s data in our electronic system so doctors could check and revise these data / medical records from any place. We offer time scheduling and daily visits through online appointments according to the patients’ need and comfort. These services can be accessed through your personal PC or via mobile application.

Medical consultation can be through audio or video calls.


Can MyDoctor be helpful for hospitals / institutions / polyclinics?

Yes MyDoctor is a very smart application that can help hospitals create their own online scheduling and booking tools for their clinics; and can offer an easy tool to connect the hospital facility with their patients and doctors. MyDoctor creates a parallel online solution for all clinical daily activities for all hospitals.

How Can MyDoctor Help?

Telemedicine solutions became very easy accessible tool given the advances in the technology and the internet connectivity. All what is required is: a web camera, and a secure patient portal that connects the doctor to a secured electronic medical record database online. This guarantees safety, ability to store essential medical records, and connectivity.


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