We Profoundly Believe That Reliable and Accurate Diagnosis Is Key to Competent Clinical Management. We Offer Accessible, Professional, Affordable and Consistent Online Diagnosis via a high quality teleradiology services backed-up by top notch radiologists and physicians. Effectively WE CHANGE OUR PATIENTS’ LIVES…

We help hospitals and diagnostic radiology centres achieve an optimum return on investment “ROI” with a professional on-site management of clinical operation and personnel aided by a highly qualitied medical project planning consultant.

about yellow dot med

About YellowDotMed

YellowDotMed is an innovative revolutionary telehealth company specialized in offering a unique set of services that help healthcare providers increase their profits and achieve better clinical outcomes for their patients. Our services include teleradiology, telemedicine, medical second opinion, radiology project consultancy and on-site medical management among other services related to the healthcare and radiology sector.


Our Services

TRad service provides highly efficient remote radiology reporting solution for institutions / hospitals and medical centers at reasonable prices, short turnaround time and by expert highly experienced subspecialized radiology consultants.

Depending on top notch radiologists, high quality software platform and competitive pricing, we are leading the way to better diagnosis.

Using Peer Review to assure quality of reporting in radiology and teleradiology operation is one of the major advantages to gain confidence and increase loyalty of sending hospitals and medical practices.

yellow Dot Med RAdiology Consultation Service
Rad-Sultation is a very important service that represents a core value for YellowDotMed; focused on providing our clients who are usually business investors with all the knowledge needed to great a radiology practice start-up. Detailed project plans including finance, KPI, and ROIs are created by the talented well experienced YellowDotMed team; to help the client foresee how his / her project will look like once operating and complete. Rad-Sultation can also provide its clients with the best prices for machinery they can get from the agents.
Rad-On is a key service that provides complete and inclusive management solutions to radiology departments in vital need for such a service. YellowDotMed offers a total management solutions by delivering the techs and medical personals, as well as managing all medical imaging reports. This will enable medical institutions to focus on what they do best: treat patients.

This is a service dedicated to service all radiology departments whether inside hospitals or as stand-alone clinic, to provide a complete minor non-vascular image guided interventions, starting from Fine Needle Aspirations, up to Drainage Catheter insertions. The service is provided by a well-trained team of interventional radiologists and nurses, having extended experience of in the field of interventional radiology.

It is a service provided directly to individuals in need of medical assessment through our platform operated by our expert medical doctors in different specialties. This service aims to make medical consultation affordable and accessible for everyone, especially patients in remote rural areas. The service is applied through our platform, via mobile application, it is also via texting, phone calls and video calls.

Yellow Dot Med Diagnose me
DIAGNOSE-ME, a unique service that provides second opinion radiology reports for individuals where the patients will be able to upload their medical images studies to our platform for a second opinion report; or for medical institutions whenever needed in case of challenging or debatable
radiology studies, or in case of medico-legal cases.

Integrated Medical Services


Whether it is a hospital, a medical centre or a radiology department, our services will help you maximize your patients’ satisfaction with accurate and timely diagnosis while optimizing your costs … we provide

  • Teleradiology services (remote diagnosis and reporting)
  • Onsite radiology department management (radiology staff outsourcing and complete medical management of radiology depatements)
  • Radiology project planning and consultancy services (selecting the best modality with the best price).


If you need accurate diagnosis which you can always rely on to make your medical or surgical decision? Our radiology consultants are here to help by providing …

  • TeleRadiology
  • Second opinion consultation services

For your patients’ imaging studies wherever whenever they were done … we are here to give you the best and most accurate analysis for these images.


Second opinion has never been so easy, just login to your account, upload your radiology CD and we will handle the rest. Can’t do it? Just mail the CD to our office or have it delivered, and we will take care of everything else. Our radiology consultants are here to help by providing an accurate detailed radiology report for your imaging studies wherever whenever it was made. Our radiology reports are certified by the medical advisory board aiming to reach the best and most precise diagnosis through our ….

  • Second opinion consultation services

Why YellowDotMed ?


Our main goal is to achieve full and comprehensive clients / patients satisfaction at all times. helping our clients increase their profits and our patients to get the best possible healthcare quality of service.  We constantly operate utilizing efficient methodologies to guarantee their ultimate trust through optimizing work quality across all our services.


All YellowDotMed radiologists and physicians are highly qualified, sub-specialized and carefully selected. All medical reports are reviewed by our competent medical advisory board before delivery. Quality is our utmost priority and sustainability is one of our core values, this is why we operate a unified FDA(510K) software platform for our medical workflow.


We believe that the privacy and security of our clients / patients data is a responsibility we are all committed to adhere to. All personal data are kept secure at all times. All data is uploaded and stored on fully secured servers and are fully protected as we operate an FDA(510K) / HIPAA compliant software platform to handle all medical data, images and reports.
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