The Biopsy Clinic (TBC)

At YellowDotMed we offer a professional biopsy services. We provide different types of image guided biopsy procedures as well as other minor non-vascular interventions to Hospitals, Clinics, and Radiology Centers. Our specialized interventional radiology staff with over twenty years of experience have conduced thousands of successful image guided biopsies and procedure. We offer very professional up to the standard service for all medical facilities.

Can TBC be Customize for you?

Yes, TBC is an excellent service that can be easily fitted in any medical facility that needs to offer the image guided interventions for its patients. We can customize the business solution for you. We provide the interventional radiology consultants, medical devices as well as consumables.

Why you should trust The Biopsy Clinic solution?

From Temporary to Permanent our staff will do it all.  The image guided biopsies and procedures are sometimes very complicated and need high expertise. The shortage in the qualified interventional radiology staff make it a great challenge for medical facilities to offer image guided biopsies. We can waive the stress by providing all the required tools to make this service happen at your clinic. We can offer reasonable pricing and very professional service.

Why TBC?

  1. Very professional.
  2. High safety.
  3. Ultimate sterilization procedure.
  4. High diagnostic yield.
  5. Reasonable pricing.
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